ZED-F9P RTK configuration

Whether it is to configure your OEM ZED-F9P RTK device as a base or a rover, the approach is the same. Only the configuration file will differ.

Download configuration files for Base and Rover here.

First things first, download u-center by clicking here. Then scroll-down and click on the “u-center for Windows, 20.xx” tab. Once the zip installer is downloaded, double-click on the zip, then double-click on the “u-center_v20.xx.exe”. Select your prefered language and follow the procedure: Next click ‘OK’, ‘Next’, ‘I accept’, ‘Next’, ‘Install’.

To begin, connect your GNSS device to a computer using a USB micro cable.

Now start the U-blox “u-center” software. Then, on the top left corner of the screen, left-click on the reversed tiny black triangle to select the COM Port related to your connected GNSS device. (it may differ from COM7 as shown in pictures)

Make sure the connection icon is blinking in the bottom state bar. It indicates that the serial communication between the computer and the GNSS device is working.

Then click on “Tools” -> “GNSS Configuration...”.

A new window called “GNSS Configuration” opens :

  1. Make sure the ‘store configuration into BBR/Flash’ box is ticked.

  2. Then click on the ‘...’ browse button.

  3. A new window opens to select on a configuration file.

    1. “DROTEK_F9P_CFG_BASE” to configure your GNSS device as a base

    2. “DROTEK_F9P_CFG_ROVER” to configure your GNSS device as a rover

  4. Finally, click on ‘Open’

Next, click on the “File > GNSS” button to configure your GNSS device using the configuration file as previously chosen.

A new window showing a progress bar opens. Wait for the process to be completed. Once the progress bar reaches the end, the window closes itself indicating successful completion of the update.

You have successfully configured your GNSS device and can start using it !