Sirius RTK GNSS Rover (EOLA)

The Sirius RTK module is built to provide a reliable rover module for your vehicle. With a built-in active antenna patch, it is capable of interacting with the Galileo satellites network, along with the common GPS, Beidou and Glonass networks, which will provide more accuracy for its positioning. The form factor of the Sirius module is simple, thus easily fitting most setup designs as well as easy integration into your vehicle. Its 6 pin JST-GH connector makes it plug-and-play with the Pixhawk PRO 3 autopilot.
The unicity of this connector makes it impossible for this module to be used as a base module.
The Sirius RTK module cannot be used as a base module, as its single 6 pins JST-GH connector is only meant to be connected to an autopilot, which would be configured with RTK data encapsulated into the MAVLink protocol. Its pinout makes it directly compatible with the Pixhawk 3 PRO autopilot.
Last modified 8mo ago