DP0501 RTK GNSS is the smallest RTK module available. Able to act as a base or rover, this lightweight module (approx. 5 grams) is plug-&-play and will only require to plug an antenna to it, and a telemetry system in order to communicate with a second module (optional). An External Interruption pin is available so users can use the module very efficiently in order to have accurate timestamping. Its USB connector will allow you to configure it easily through the U-Center software.
The ability to use any antenna you want with the DP0501 module allows you to adapt the module to the use-case and take care of setting up the antenna and the board separately. Using the right kind of antenna that's necessary to one application will allow you to adapt the module to your needs, and reduce the overall size of the base module as necessary, or pick a large antenna for improved performance (even though size doesn't always mean performance).