The NEO-M8T GNSS module delivers high integrity, precision timing in demanding applications world-wide. Support for BeiDou, GLONASS and Galileo constellations in addition to GPS enables compliance with national requirements. Enhanced sensitivity and concurrent constellation reception extend coverage and integrity to challenging signal environments.

Survey-in and fixed-position navigation reduce timing jitter, even at low signal levels, and enable synchronization to be maintained with as few as one single satellite in view. Support for on/off low duty cycle operation reduces power consumption for battery-powered applications. Sophisticated RF-architecture and interference suppression ensure maximum performance even in GNSS-hostile environments.

The NEO-M8T includes an additional LNA, improving performance when connected directly to a passive antenna, with support for external antenna supply management if required. It also includes Flash memory for field upgrade. UART, SPI and DDC (I2C compatible) interfaces provide connectivity and enable synergies with most u-blox cellular modules.

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