Updating ZED-F9T Firmware

  1. Go to u-Blox ZED-F9T website

  2. Scroll-down and click on the “Documentation & ressources” tab

  3. Scroll-down one more time until you see the “Firmware Update” section and then download the latest Firmware (as of 12th July 2019, the firmware version is this one : UBX_F9_100_HPG_112_ZED_F9T, aka 1.12)

First, connect your GNSS device to a computer using a USB micro cable.

Now start the U-blox “u-center” software. Then on the top left corner of the screen, left-click on the reversed tiny black triangle to select the COM Port related to your GNSS device. (it may differs from COM7 as shown in pictures)

Make sure the connection icon is blinking in the bottom state bar. It indicates that the serial communication between the computer and the GNSS device is working.

Then click on ‘Tools’ -> ‘Firmware Update…’

The Firmware Update Utility window opens :

  1. Click on the ‘Firmware Image’ ‘...’ button

  2. Go to the right location on your computer to choose the update binary file corresponding to your ZED-F9P device

  3. Then click on ‘Open

  4. Make sure ‘use this baudrate for update’ is ticked and baudrate is set to 9600 bauds

  5. You can now start updating your ZED-F9T board by clicking on the ‘GO’ icon

Once the updating process is done, a message saying “Firmware Update Utility completed successfully” should be displayed in the console box.

Update is now complete !

However you might want to check the new version number. To do so, follow the next steps.

In u-center, while your RTK device is still connected, click on ‘View’ -> ‘Message View

The UBX messages window opens :

  1. On the tree structure on the left, click on ‘UBX’

  2. Then click on ‘MON (Monitor’

  3. Finally on ‘VER (Version)’

  4. On the right side panel, check the ZED-F9T firmware version number

You have successfully updated your RTK device and checked the version number.

This process will reset the board, therefore you will have to load the configuration files again.

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