Setup RTK solution using a local network

This step-by-step tutorial will let you to use a RTK Rover using a GNSS Base over a Local Network, thus without any telemetry kit.

Requirements :

  1. Two computers : PC1 acting as a Base / PC2 acting as a rover

  2. Two F9T devices connected to both PC : One configured as Base, the other one as a Rover. See here for procedure :

  3. Both computers connected to the same local network

STEP 1 : Check what is the IP address on Base computer PC1

Press Windows + R key touch to open

Then type in “cmd”, then click “OK” :

A new command prompt window opens. Type in “ipconfig”, then press Enter. Go down to “IPV4 address” and write down somewhere the IP address displayed. For instance, the one on DROTEK computer is

This address is needed for a later step. Keep it in mind.

STEP 2 : Now your setup should be looking like this (cf picture below)

NOTE : bear in mind that IP addresses are for example purposes, replace the ones below with your own).

STEP 3 : Configuring the Base as an NTRIP Caster.

The base connected to the local network will be able to broadcast RTCM data to any rover that is connected to the same local network.

To do so, open u-center software on PC1 - Base, then click on “Receiver” then “NTRIP Server/Caster…”.

A new window opens. Next go to “More” tab then configure the base caster as shown in the picture below.

Then click OK.

The base caster is now working perfectly !

STEP 4 : Configuring the Rover as an NTRIP client.

The base is now continuously sending out RTCM data on the local network. You need to configure any rover to be able to gather these data to get a fixed and accurate positioning.

To do so, open u-center software on PC2 - Rover, then click on “Receiver” then “NTRIP Client…”.

Once again, a new windows opens. Then type in the base IP address we got from STEP 1. Next you need to type in the SAME NAME and PASSWORD that was set previously on the base during STEP 3.

Now click on the “Update source table” button located below.

Your base must be retrieved under the “NTRIP mount point” textbox.

Finally click OK.

Your base and rover are now correctly connected to each other. The rover is starting receiveing RTCM data and will shortly get a fixed position.

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