Set Baudrates

This step-by-step tutorial will let you to manually set the UART 1 & 2 baudrates for the Base as well as the Rover.

First, connect your GNSS device to a computer using a USB micro cable.

Now start the U-blox “u-center” software. Then, on the top left corner of the screen, left-click on the reversed tiny black triangle to select the COM Port related to your GNSS device. (it may differs from COM7 as shown in pictures)

Make sure the connection icon is blinking in the bottom state bar. It indicates that the serial communication between the computer and the GNSS device is working.

Next go to ‘View’ then click on “Generation 9 Configuration View”

Now, let's set the UART 1 & 2 baudrates manually.

First, double click on “CFG-UART1”, an expended menu appears. Then click on “CFG-UART1-BAUDRATE”.

You can now edit the text box to match your desired baudrate. (Up to 921600 bauds)

Next, click on the 3 buttons underneath called “RAM”, “BBR” and “FLASH”. The commands should appear in the “ready-to-send” box.

Finally, simply click on “Send” to write the baudrate configuration to the RTK device.

Repeat the same procedure with “CFG-UART2”.

You have successfully set the UART 1 & 2 baudrates !

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